Intelligent Process Automation and RPA Solutions in Banking

Transforming Banking with Generative AI: GPT Chatbots Automation has become vital for future competitiveness and diversity in financial services. This has become apparent in the way that financial institutions https://www.metadialog.com/ are aggressively deploying automation technologies. Customers may not always recognise the need for automation, but reporting can highlight the truth. Asia/Pacific* AI Spending Surge to […]

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents AI-Powered Chatbots

INZMO Hooks Up to ChatGPT to Find ‘NIMO’ Chatbot Support One of the most important challenges for insurers will undoubtedly be to adapt and reinvent themselves in the new digital environment, placing the customer at the center and taking advantage of digital innovation. For this, it is very important that the digital mindset is held […]

ChatGPT: An opportunity to transform banking operations and improve customer experience

Robotics Process Automation: A new Initiative for Banks in Africa Instead, banks should focus on improving the parts of the business that hurt the customer experience. TechUK is the trade association which brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. By providing expertise and insight, we […]

Chatbot saves 330 work hours a month case study

The Transformative Power of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionise the Insurance Industry Market leader, Cognigy, says its customers have seen up to 62% of their customers resolve their own issues when conversational AI is implemented. Savings also come from employee retention; when employees are allowed to spend their time doing more meaningful work, turnover […]