The world wide web provides supplied assistance to an expecting lady whose spouse purportedly required that she carry his baggage through airport.

Posting in
‘s “have always been we The A**hole” (AITA) discussion board on Thursday within the username u/overreaction536435,
the lady said
she had been “humiliated” by the woman husband’s conduct, and consequently forced him to track down his or her own trip home.

The post has received a lot more than 9,600 upvotes and over 1,500 statements from Redditors which slammed the husband’s “red banner” conduct and motivated the woman to apply for breakup.

In her own post, the lady stated she ended up being selecting the woman partner up through the airport after a company trip as soon as the communicating took place.

The net has provided help to a pregnant woman whoever husband purportedly demanded that she hold his baggage through the airport.

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“the next the guy noticed me personally he forget about his two large bags and started walking,” the lady blogged. “I attempted to have him to prevent but the guy told me to obtain the handbags and follow him.”

She informed her spouse your bags had been “fat” for her to transport, but the guy complained which he ended up being also “exhausted” to transport them and tried to keep taking walks. As soon as the lady would not follow him, he informed her she had been “annoying.”

“we told him getting you to definitely hold their handbags for him and he replied, ‘we already have one and it’s you’…then [he] held taking walks and ignoring me,” the woman recalled.

Upset, she fell their luggage, stepped “straight past him,” got in her own auto, and drove home.

“the guy got home by cab but was livid at me personally for making him at the airport simply because he asked for my personal assistance. The guy in addition said I embarrassed him and made a scene and overreacted big style,” the woman concluded. “AITA?”

Airport Amenities


According to Million Mile Methods
, a website offering travel guidelines and “hacks,” luggage carts are available to lease at most of the airports for limited fee.

“For those who have examined luggage and want an airport cart at your location, you might get airport luggage carts around the pass surfaces at luggage state. However, you pay as much as $5 or more for a cart,” the web site demonstrated. “Carts are usually free of charge in flight terminals outside of the U.S., but U.S. airports charge for them.”

Still, website said it is possible to buy them free of charge.

“your own examined handbags takes a few minutes is offloaded from jet. Therefore in place of waiting at luggage state and investing in a luggage cart, you can try to get one at no cost,” the web site mentioned. “You can often go outside to the curb or even to the departures part of the airport and you will get a hold of empty carts would love to end up being returned.”

Redditor Responses

…He anticipates you, his expecting girlfriend, to hold his handbags for him as he’s seated on a plane for 4 hrs. Four-hours? What a tough hit existence for him…

Reddit review

Being mindful of this, commenters cannot understand just why u/overreaction536435’s partner would not just seize a baggage cart. Redditors assured the girl that she did not overreact and slammed her partner for the treatment of the girl like a “pack mule.”

“NTA [not the a**hole]. Precisely what the genuine eff? The guy needs you, his pregnant spouse, to transport his bags for him as he’s seated on a plane for 4 many hours. Four-hours? Exactly what a difficult bump existence for him. It’s easy receive a trolley to go the handbags yet howevern’t actually pay attention to you but simply need you carry their handbags like a servant. You are his expecting partner, not his package mule!” exclaimed u/wanesandwaves.

“I would leave him generally speaking, not only during the airport…Why on the planet did the guy feel that you, his pregnant wife, were obligated to hold their luggage?” u/ha13ra asked. “that is not regular behavior. Really don’t need assess just by one-story, but this incident screams [red] flags.”

I would personally keep him in general, not simply on airport…

Reddit remark

“NTA…seriously, what dude inside the proper brain merely drops his handbags on his woman like she’s a valet. It’s time for a divorce,” blogged u/VxGB111.

Redditor u/anaisaknits included: “Red flags everywhere that one…OP [original poster] has to leave and leave today.”

has already reached out over u/overreaction536435 for review.

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